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Welcome to Pate & Associates Since 1999, Pate & Associates has provided a host of services to some of the largest companies and best known brands in the world. We're not about winning design contests or awards...we don't even enter them. We are about giving the client exactly what they want. That is why some of our clients have been with us for over 10 years.
Featured Services
Branding Image matters. To customers and prospects, perception really is reality. Let us help to make sure you are putting your best image forward. From a new business, to re-establishing your company with a fresh look. Let us help you plan to put your best image forward.
Event Development You searched hard to find the right venue, but have you thought about how it will look when your attendee's arrive? From the initial communication to the stage banner the day of the event. We can professionally brand your event, start to finish.
Hospitality Training Logos, marketing, social media and all the things you spend money on to attract customers. But it is money thrown away if your front line employees can not pick up the conversation. We can train as well as mystery shop your business to make sure your message is being delivered as clear as your advertising.
Branding vs. Marketing Think of marketing as the conversation you have with your customers and prospects through advertising and social media. Branding is the overall impression that your company makes before, during and after that conversation. Every touch point someone has with your company makes an impression and defines the personality of your business. Customers and prospects will first judge your company by the professionalism of your overall brand before they will ever respond to your marketing.
Pate & Associates LLC, founded in 1999